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FTCH Astraglen Rusk (Bracken)

Bracken was bred by Nigel Carville, out of Heather of Clonbara and by GB field trial champion Garendon Captain, who won the IGL Retriever Championship.

Bracken always had a lot of ability; from a young age, he proved to be an easy dog to train, and learned very quickly.

He was a very hard-going dog, and you were always on the edge of your seat when handling him in competition.

He qualified for an Irish Retriever team at 18 months, and won his first field trial at 21 months. He went on to win 5 trials and qualified for the Irish International Gundog Team 3 times.

He took part in the first Irish team to compete against the first American team to come to Europe; he also won the Irish Game & Country Fair in Emo and The Clonmel Game Fair.

He has qualified for the Irish Retriever Championship no fewer than four times.

He is now retired from trials now, but still enjoys his hunting and picking up.
FTCH Garendon Captain FTCH Swinbrook Twig FTW Drakeshead Actor of Shotgate FTCH Holdgate Willie
FTCH Westend Tam of Drakeshead
FTCH Palgrave Kay FTCH Shot of Palgrave
FTCH Palgrave Swinbrook Fern
FTCH Munro Tess FTCH Barnavara Club Pocklea Tinker
FTCH Barnavara Minnow
Shadden Dale FTCH Kelvinhead Magnum
FTCH Spartan Lady
Heather of Clonbara FTCH Baildonian Baron of Craighorn FTW Gilmhor Arrow of Pocklea Seanbaille Regent
Kilmore Della
Baildonian Tina FTCH Pocklea Remus
Barnavara Water Beetle
Derrinstown Tillie INT FTCH Heatherbank Alex of Tasco FTCH Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
Malwell Kestrel
FTCH Ruby FTW Burryubber Wizard
Leeburne Odessa

FTCH Lurriga Bracken (Crocket)

Field trial champion Lurriga Bracken (Crocket) was bred by Keith McNamara out of Routagh Teal (Bell) whom Ivan bred and was was by his own field trial champion Astraglen Rusk.

Crocket was very much like his father in that he was a hard-going dog, but he also was very much calmer.

Crocket was a pleasure to own and train; he won a field trial first time out and went on to become a field trial champion in his second season, but his greatest achievement was when he got a Diploma of Honour in the 2009/2010 Irish Retriever Championship.

He was exported to Spain in the summer of 2010 and is now happily picking up partridge in the sun.
FTCH Astraglen Rusk FTCH Garendon Captain FTCH Swinbrook Twig FTW Drakeshead Actor of Shotgate
FTCH Palgrave Kay
FTCH Munro Tess FTCH Barnavara Club
Shadden Dale
Heather of Clonbara FTCH Baildonian Baron of Craighorn FTW Gilmhor Arrow of Pocklea
Baildonian Tina
Derrinstown Tillie INT FTCH Heatherbank Alex of Tasco
Routagh Teal Admiral of Poleberry FTW Cloughgrnagh Sand FTW Ballyellery Adder
FTCH Clohoge Debbie
Ballyscanlon Fullmer FTW Broadville Alder
FTW Shandrum Emma
Black Wish Pal FTCH Darby
Blizard of Nosterdfield
Glenview Star FTW Bradbank Major
Sensitive Sally

FTCH Astraglen Blue (Molly)

Molly was bred by Nigel Carville out of FTW Silversnipe Glory and by GB FTCH Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead.

She is a hard going, stylish, athletic labrador bitch.

To date she has won five trials and has been placed in three more; she has gained 23 championship points and has gained her FTCH status.

She also qualified for three Irish Retriever Championships and has had a lot of luck in working tests.

FTCH Greebriar Viper of Drakeshead FTCH Lafayette Tolley FTCH Kilderkin Renoir FTCH Abbotsleight Joshua
Plummer Kilderkin
FTW Black Purdy of Keswick FTCH Shinshail Apache
FTW Bedingham Hall Donna
FTW Greenbriar Solitaire FTCH Pocklea Remus FTCH Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
FTW Drakeshead Gypsy
Forbbingacres Fern of Greenbriar FTCH Raughlin Pete of Drakeshead
Drakeshead Myth of Fobbingacres
FTW Silversnipe Glory FTCH Craighorn Bracken FTCH Aughcasla Sam of Drakeshead FTW Balleyellery Addre
FTCH Killerisk Hero
FTCH Lochmuir Bonnie FTCH Pocklea Remus
FTCH Lochmuir Lady
Silversnipe Ellie FTCH Follyoakwood Boris FTCH Tasco Broomtip of Carnochyway
Folly Lark
FTW Silversnipe Whirlwind FTCH Kenu Fir of Leadburn
FTW Amythist Mist

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